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Marketing Effectively to Millennials

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Is your digital strategy properly optimized to reach the largest generation in history?

Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 2000. They are the first generation to grow up with the internet and social media. They have a different set of values and beliefs than previous generations, which is why they are often called “digital natives”. Their values include things such as being more open to change, more tolerant of diversity, and less likely to want to be in charge or in control of things. Millennials want their work to be meaningful, so it can give them meaning outside of their jobs as well. They want equality for all genders as well as for all races, religions, sexual orientations, etc. They also believe in the power of technology to solve problems that affect society today.

Since they’ve grown up with technology, they are more accustomed to it than any other generation before them. As such, they are more likely to use digital channels for their shopping needs than traditional ones. It’s important for businesses to understand the way millennials think and act in order to successfully reach out and attract this large demographic of consumers.

Marketing to millennials is not just about sending them ads. It is about understanding the mindset of this generation and engaging with them in a way that they can relate to. Brands need to be more transparent with what they are offering and why it is better than the competition. Millennials want brands that make them feel like their needs matter and that they are making a difference in the world by supporting that brand.

Here are a few ways to to market to millennials effectively:

  1. Optimize for mobile: 85% of millennials have smartphones and rely on digital technology more than any other generation. Make sure that your content is mobile-responsive.

  2. Take a stand: millennials are more likely to purchase from a brand who is socially conscious, 50% more, to be exact.

  3. Create original content: millennials are on their phones about 253 minutes everyday and they’re craving informative and insightful content, which means your content needs to stick out!

  4. Be present and engage on social media. Consistency is key.

  5. Use visuals: Include behind-the-scenes videos or original photographs, show them who’s behind the brand!

  6. Maintain a blog: milleannials are always looking for updated content and a well written blog can increase website visits by 55%. It will also help your site rank higher on Google search, which is always looking for relevant and updated content.

  7. Ask for feedback: millennials want to know that they’re being heard. Send out emails or put out polls inviting your audience to share their opinions, and don’t ignore them! Read through the feedback and see what changes you can implement—make them feel heard.

  8. Utilize Influencer Marketing: Millennial trust their peers and they want to know what their friends think about products before they buy them, so influencer marketing can be a great way to market to them.

  9. Events: Millennials love events and you can use this as a way of reaching them and providing them with a sense of community that they long for.

  10. Community: Create a sense of community through your brand that boasts acceptance, equality and transparency.

This all may seem overwhelming, but it’s so important to get it right! Our team is always available to point you in the right direction!

If you’re interested in digging a little deeper on millennials, marketing and psychology check out thePsychology of successfully marketing to Millennials from the University of South Carolina.

Upwards and onwards!

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